About Us

! Aslavig


Hello, I'm the owner of an amazing community Opidium™ and also one of the owners of Carolina Bot.

I've been around discord since 2015-2016 and I never grew bored of discord !. During 2018 I felt like doing a change and start contributing to discord communities hence why I started a an amazing community !



I'm the second owner of Opidium™ and one of the owners of Carolina Bot I've also been around since 2016 and known Aslavig since than!

In 2018 we decided to take part on trying to grow our own community and make our own bots! it's been a long road 😃



Opidium™, A Fast Growing Discord Server!

We have educational channels where you can ask other users for any type of help such as coding, art, photography, writing, music etc!.

Opidium™ also have anime channels for reviews, recommendations and discussions !